The Story Masters Story

Bringing film industry professionals to the high school classroom.

Maybe your high school offers CTE or elective classes related to film and media. Maybe it doesn't. But even if it does, chances are you won't find the teacher's name listed on IMDb. That's what makes us different. Story Masters was founded by three film industry professionals, all with feature film credits and years of experience, who have a passion for story and a passion for teaching. And we want to bring our passion and our experience to high school students everywhere. Whether you're a high school student searching for a class you can get excited about, a home educator trying to find an engaging homeschool resource, or an administrator seeking CTE opportunities to add to your school's offering, Story Masters has what you're looking for.

(Psst! Not in high school? That's okay — we have courses for Adult Learners, too!

What We Believe About Stories, Students, and Education

  • Stories

    We believe stories mean something and have the power to make us better. We believe they can give us heroes and dreams, can help us see ourselves and one another with greater clarity and compassion, can comfort and convict and inspire hope. We believe stories can help us imagine what could be and what should be. We believe they can show us we’re not alone. We believe stories can be a gift.

  • Students

    We believe our students have stories to tell. And we believe they deserve to be heard. We know they are the storytellers of the future and will shape and inhabit and enrich the entertainment industry in years to come.

  • Education

    We believe in education. We believe in sharing what we’ve learned, in throwing open the doors to aspiring storytellers in far flung places who haven’t had access to world class training from teachers with professional industry experience. We believe in lifting students up so they can reach higher.

Earn college credit.

Story Masters Film Academy has partnered with John Paul the Great Catholic University to offer college credit for our Film Writing and Directing courses. Find out more.

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What We Teach

Film Writing

What is a story?


Structure and conflict

Stakes, emotion, and meaning

Writing log lines and pitching ideas

Screenplay format and writing dialogue


What the story is about: theme vs. plot

Pre-production: script breakdown, director's notebook, set design

Production: choosing cameras, working with actors, managing the set

Post production: editing, sound, music

Learn to write. Or direct. Or both.

Screenwriting and directing classes — taught by real screenwriters and directors. Imagine that.

Sample Lessons

  • Free

    FreeFilm Writing: Exploring Meaning

    Not sure if you're ready to commit to an entire course on Film Writing? Check out this sample lesson on Exploring Meaning in your script.
  • Free

    FreeDirecting: Exploring Theme

    Not sure if you're ready to commit to an entire course on Directing? Check out this sample lesson on Exploring Theme as a director.
Are you a high school teacher or administrator looking for an easy way to add an elective or CTE course at your school? Ask about getting an extended preview of our Film Writing and Directing courses.