Course curriculum

  • 1

    Is structure really that important?

    • Introduction to movie structure

    • "The Raft," an animated short film

    • Tools for structuring movies

    • The Structure of the short "The Raft"

    • The structure of a feature-length film

    • Read the screenplay "Bergman Manor"

    • Exercise: Locating the Eight Essential Story Points for Bergman Manor

  • 2

    Building your movie

    • Understand the story you're looking for, part 1

    • Short film: "Black Hole"

    • Short film: "Spin"

    • Short film: "Table 7"

    • Short film: "Father And Daughter"

    • Understand the story you're looking for, part 2

    • Exercise: Brainstorm an idea for a short film

    • Pan for gold

    • Exercise: Pan for gold

    • Bulk up your hero

    • Exercise: Bulk up your hero

    • Build up your obstacles

    • Exercise: Build up your obstacles

    • Make it personal

    • Who else is in the room?

    • Find your ending first

    • Then find your beginning

    • Your movie in three sentences

    • Exercise: Tell your story in three sentences

  • 3

    The scenes in your movie

    • Locate your scenes

    • Exercise: Break your movie into scenes

    • Digging into your scenes, part 1

    • Exercise: Dig into each of your scenes

    • Digging into your scenes, part 2

    • Exercise: Filling in the details of your scenes

    • Digging into your scenes, part 3

    • Exercise: Script Outline

Course materials

A downloadable electronic copy of Bergman Manor is included in the price of the course and will be provided to learners after enrollment. A paperback copy may be purchased from Amazon or any other major retailer.

Please note: As an Amazon Associate, Story Masters Film Academy earns from qualifying purchases.

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