Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to movie structure

    2. "The Raft," an animated short film

    3. Tools for structuring movies

    4. The Structure of the short "The Raft"

    5. The structure of a feature-length film

    6. Read the screenplay "Bergman Manor"

    7. Exercise: Locating the Eight Essential Story Points for Bergman Manor

    1. Understand the story you're looking for, part 1

    2. Short film: "Black Hole"

    3. Short film: "Spin"

    4. Short film: "Table 7"

    5. Short film: "Father And Daughter"

    6. Understand the story you're looking for, part 2

    7. Exercise: Brainstorm an idea for a short film

    8. Pan for gold

    9. Exercise: Pan for gold

    10. Bulk up your hero

    11. Exercise: Bulk up your hero

    12. Build up your obstacles

    13. Exercise: Build up your obstacles

    14. Make it personal

    15. Who else is in the room?

    16. Find your ending first

    17. Then find your beginning

    18. Your movie in three sentences

    19. Exercise: Tell your story in three sentences

    1. Locate your scenes

    2. Exercise: Break your movie into scenes

    3. Digging into your scenes, part 1

    4. Exercise: Dig into each of your scenes

    5. Digging into your scenes, part 2

    6. Exercise: Filling in the details of your scenes

    7. Digging into your scenes, part 3

    8. Exercise: Script Outline

About this course

  • $105.00
  • 34 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Course materials

A downloadable electronic copy of Bergman Manor is included in the price of the course and will be provided to learners after enrollment. A paperback copy may be purchased from Amazon or any other major retailer.

Please note: As an Amazon Associate, Story Masters Film Academy earns from qualifying purchases.

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